Regulation CF

Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) offerings give small ventures an opportunity to launch their startup by showcasing their potential to the public. The SEC requires that issuers conduct these offerings through FINRA registered crowdfunding portals.

  • Issuers can raise $1,070,000 in a 12 month period
  • No limit on the number of investors
  • Investors can invest money based on their net worth and yearly income.  Investment limits in all Reg CF offerings:
    • if investor’s annual income or net worth below $107,000, limit is greater of $2,200 or 5% of lesser of net worth or annual income
    • if both annual income and net worth are above $107,000 then 10% investment limit with a $107,000 investment max
  • Officer certification if raising $107,000 or less; Reviewed financial statements if raising $107,000-$535,000, Audited financial statements required if raising above $535,000 if previously sold securities via Reg CF otherwise only reviewed financials required if first time Reg CF
  • Limited resales allowed for one year
  • Marketed over the internet, with primary solicitation and disclosure occurring on ‘funding portal’
  • Safe harbor protections for issuers that use an SEC registered transfer agent


EquityTrack, as a cap table tracking provider and SEC registered transfer agent (through Colonial Stock Transfer), will ease your stress. We offer many Reg CF services that facilitate the offering process allowing you to focus on other tasks. Our professional services will solidify your reputation, instilling confidence in your investors.

Full service with flexibility

Manage and update your cap table during the offering process

Book-entry share issuances

Issue your stock in physical and book-entry form

Professional investor support

Help you stay in touch with your investors

Expert guidance

Ensure you comply with the SEC by helping you complete the necessary crowdfunding documents

Manage investor transactions

Transfer shares for current investors, updating their respective stock certificates

24/7 online access

Provide investors with online access to view their financial documents, compliance forms, securities, and more

EquityTrack ensures your compliance with the SEC, completes all transactions associated with the transfer of stock ownership, and manages the structure and accuracy of your cap table. We perform all of these services so you don’t have to. With us as your cap table management provider and transfer agent, you can focus your energy elsewhere and avoid having to manage complex regulatory requirements. Our transfer agent services will ease your stress during the entire Reg CF offering process.

Making Compliance Easy

When conducting offerings under Reg CF, it’s important to keep your investors happy with a service-friendly staff or professional outsourcing partner. Under Reg CF, you can expect smaller investment amounts which may mean a larger number of investors invest in your offering. You may be dealing with many people, and for your offering to be successful, you will need to provide excellent support and bullet-proof compliance making it a perfect time to turn to a professional, expert cap table management provider like EquityTrack and its SEC registered transfer agent, Colonial Stock Transfer.

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We are here to help with your offering, investor recordkeeping, and raising capital needs.

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