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Reg D 506B
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Our Cloudraise® offering portal software allows issuers to easily manage their equity crowdfunding campaign on their own website. Investors can complete subscription documents, view offering documents, subscribe to the offering, and purchase shares; then we will do the rest, making it an all-in-one solution for your capital raising needs.

Capital raising software for your website
Cloudraise® funding portal software allows issuers to raise money from investors directly on the company’s website

Investor purchase
Allows investors to purchase the amount of shares they would like to invest based on state Blue sky filings and eligible countries

Issue shares to investors
At each offering close, your securities will automatically be issued to investors through our SEC-registered transfer agent

Document and compliance
Process investor due diligence including tax forms, accreditation and AML checks.  We also submit all SEC and blue sky filings for you through our SEC filing agent

Subscription and offering documents
Allows investors to subscribe to the crowdfunding offering by completing subscription documents

Escrow and payment processing
Investors can submit payment through the Cloudraise® portal via ACH, wire or check which is synchronized with your escrow account


Our solution makes raising capital easier so that you can better maintain compliance and focus on your investors and business.

Streamline your offering

Our Cloudraise® software streamlines the process for you from subscription to share issuance and escrow closing.

Save you valuable time

With convenient online access and reporting for issuers, EquityTrack will accelerate and make it easy for you to focus on what is most important

Data security and compliance

Our software is heavily encrypted; we protect all sensitive financial information contained in issuer and investor documents and other files

Comprehensive Capital Raising Software

After your crowdfunding offering is filed to the SEC, our experienced staff helps you bring in investors. With this versatile technology at your fingertips, a successful offering is imminent. Contact us today to enjoy the benefits of our all-in-one Cloudraise® software.

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We are here to help with your offering, investor recordkeeping, and raising capital needs.

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