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Managing your cap table without a professional software or compliance partner can be frustrating and certainly time-consuming. However, through our comprehensive cap table management services to private companies, you can rest assured. We allow you to manage all aspects of your cap table through our online platform, coupled with full service options to better accommodate you during your company’s early to late stage growth.  As your experienced cap table management provider, we can help you:

Equity Track Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Private companies save by doing book-entry securities, get low monthly service fees, and free account setup.

Equity Track Stress-free Solution

Stress-free Solution

Full transfer agent service combined with online cap table tracking software. The most optimal solution to eliminate unnecessary staff effort, allowing you to save time and stress.

Equity Track Customer Service

Customer Service

Our customer service experts are here and ready to guide you through your offering including share issuance and distribution to investors, escrow services, professional transfer agent and closing.


Easy navigation through our user-friendly software

Ensures that your cap table is easy to navigate for issuers and shareholders alike. Our detailed cap table formatting is fully comprehensible and all-inclusive, providing a full suite of reports to view investor data.

Maintain Cap Table Compliance

Our online cap table tracking platform contains statistical investor reports, stock issuances, option grants and exercises, vesting schedules, proxy reporting and more. At EquityTrack, we decrease your margin for error while ensuring your compliance with countless regulatory requirements.

Act as your sole cap table management provider and transfer agent

EquityTrack independently manages every aspect of your cap table with its transfer agent services. Having one provider avoids an otherwise hectic process of managing multiple and leaves the issuer with much less responsibility to keep track of small tweaks or even large-scale changes to their cap table. As your sole provider, we handle all aspects of your cap table compliance.

Maintain data security and compliance.

Securing your company and investor data with the latest security and encryption technology. Our legal and technical experts are also here to help with federal and state compliance with the SEC, UCC, and IRS regulations affecting private companies.

Efficient investor login

Allows investors to efficiently view and track their investments and edit their basic information including options to manage participation in employee plans.

Issue a wide variety of securities

Our cap table management software allows you to issue all types of equity securities. We issue equity securities such as common and preferred stock, units, warrants, options, RSUs and more. Further, our team issues common and preferred securities, ensuring your cap table is thorough and complete.

Real-time updates

Provides live updates to your cap table, ensuring that you are up to date with required disclosures in a dynamic regulatory environment. We further make necessary changes to your cap table structure and compliance.

Submit SEC and state filings

Help you file Reg D private offering filings to the SEC including Form D, Form ID, and Blue Sky filings.

Full investor support

Maintain contact with your investors to ensure their satisfaction throughout the offering process

Making your job easier

EquityTrack’s all-encompassing cap table management services satisfy all your needs. We ease your stress by helping you manage your cap table structure and compliance. Our versatile software allows you to issue all types of securities. Further, we offer an easy-to-use issuer and shareholder-friendly interface. With our unique combination of cap table and transfer agent services, we are the optimal cap table management provider for your company.

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We are here to help with your offering, investor recordkeeping, and raising capital needs.

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