Funding Portal Partners

Funding portals are website platforms that allow companies to raise capital through equity crowdfunding offerings via the JOBS act crowdfunding regulations passed in 2012. These crowdfunding platforms must register as funding portals with the SEC and FINRA; today, there are over 50 FINRA-approved crowdfunding portals.  EquityTrack through its parent, Colonial Stock Transfer, provides various services to funding portals and is one of the leading crowdfunding transfer agents in the market today.

Our Funding Portal Services

As your funding portal’s preferred cap table management provider and transfer agent, we can help you and your issuer clients manage their cap table more efficiently with lower costs and more transparency.

Full service + technology saves time
We provide full service transfer agent services combined with the flexibility of managing cap tables online.  Our time-saving technology allows funding portals to easily send updates and shareholder data to our systems.

Funding portal discounts
Get cost savings for your issuers.  We offer special discounted pricing for clients of funding portals with special perks and free account setup.

Improve or expand your current services
One way to rise above the competition is to expand your services. EquityTrack works with you to explore which services are right for you:
Cap Table Management
Transfer Agent
Blue Sky State Reporting
Press Release Distribution
Shareholder Proxy Meetings
Dividend/Escrow and more.

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SEC Registered Transfer Agent and safe harbor protections
We provide stock transfer services, through our affiliated SEC Registered Transfer Agent, Colonial Stock Transfer, to ensure that your Reg CF and Reg A+ issuers are eligible for safe harbor protections and more.  Help your investors feel assured that an registered transfer agent in good standing with the SEC since 1987 is managing their shares.

Professional support and service
Get quality and responsive professional transfer agent support and service that will help you transcend the competition with enhanced communication and effectiveness. As your partner, you can rely on our vast  experience of over 32 years.

Registering as a funding portal
The first step to being able to list securities on your equity crowdfunding portal, is to register with the SEC and FINRA.  To help, we can provide guidance, connect you to attorneys, submit your SEC filing and more.

Our Clients

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A Partnership Worth Your Time

While the EquityTrack team prioritizes specific aspects of your funding portal such as accurate recordkeeping and consistent, transparent investor communication, we value your needs and goals above all. We will adapt to your business and in our partnership, frame our services and assistance around your personal planning.

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Join our Funding Portal Partner Program and get discounts for your clients today.

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