Crowdfunding Companies

Small ventures often struggle to raise capital alone. They may choose to conduct an equity crowdfunding offering which may increase visibility and opportunities for raising more capital.  To help with this, EquityTrack can act as your cap table management tracking provider and transfer agent throughout your crowdfunding offering. A combination of both online and full services will ensure your cap table’s accuracy, compliance and optimal cost savings.

Our Services

EquityTrack helps crowdfunding issuers launch their company successfully through our full array of services for Regulation A+, Regulation CF, and Regulation D offerings. Our services maximize your investor interest, bolstering your investor reach and capital raising capabilities.  Our services include:

  • Cap table tracking combined with SEC registered transfer agent services
  • Cloudraise® portal software for Reg D and Reg A+ offerings
  • Connect you with affiliated FINRA registered funding portals
  • Book-entry electronic share issuances
  • Process your stock issuances and stock transfers
  • Issue escrow and dividend payments to investors
  • Investors can view their transaction history and holdings, as well as their proxy voting and shareholder meeting information.
  • Help you go public – transition from your crowdfunding offering into initial public offering (IPO)
  • Help you obtain DTC eligibility to facilitate stock trading
Investor Friendly

Cost Savings

Discounts for securities raised through a partner funding portal, low monthly service fees and free account setup.

Full-Service Combined with Cap Table Tracking

Stress-free Solution

Full customer service for the issuer and their investors including full service combined with online cap table tracking software. The most optimal solution to eliminate unnecessary staff effort, allowing you to save money simultaneously.

Customer Service

Our customer service experts are here and ready to guide you through the entire process through crowdfunding offering setup and closing.

Helping your Company Grow

Here at EquityTrack, we are committed to helping your company grow. During this growth, we can alleviate your stress by handling regulatory compliance and keeping your investors satisfied. This allows you to focus your efforts on the company’s products and services and the most important parts of your business.

Contact us

We are here to help with your offering, investor recordkeeping, and raising capital needs.

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