Cap Table Management

EquityTrack is a professional cap table management provider for public and private companies. Our software ensures that your cap table is accurate, up to date, and compliant. We provide both online cap table management and full services to ensure your compliance and the most optimal investor records possible.

Private Company Services

When managing your cap table, it is important to prioritize your shareholders, addressing their needs. Our software helps you do this by performing updates synchronized with transfer agent services, keeping you aware of the changes to your issuances and stock transactions in real time. At EquityTrack, we will issue equity, such as common and preferred stock; and finally, derivatives, including stock options, RSUs, and more. Additionally, you can personally create statistical reports such as vesting schedules and many other forms required to conduct stock options.

Optimally organize, edit, and maintain your cap table’s many elements
Issue a wide variety of stocks and options
Download investor data and reports into PDF, Word and Excel
Advanced cap table reporting including investor lists, proxy voting, dividends

Public Company Services

As your public company cap table management provider, we provide a host of other services. In fact, EquityTrack is a transfer agent through Colonial Stock Transfer that has been registered with the SEC for over 30 years. We provide you with a cost-effective solution due to our unique ability to act as your transfer agent and cap table management provider. As your transfer agent through Colonial, we help you initiate and complete your IPO, apply for DTC eligibility, trade securities on national stock exchanges and OTC markets, and, lastly, prepare you for annual meetings. In addition to acting as your transfer agent, we will:

Manage and organize your employee plans with our versatile software
Provide cap table tracking and efficient tools to manage investors in real time

Crowdfunding Company Services

We provide an array of services tailored to companies conducting crowdfunding offerings through our cap table management, transfer agent, and Cloudraise® raising solutions.  Most beneficial for issuers of small and emerging companies is our cap table and transfer agent services which allows you to focus on launching your company at minimal costs while giving you control over your cap table through our online platform. Below is a list of crowdfunding offerings that we can help you successfully complete.

Employee Plans

Our employee plan services will improve the efficiency of all your administrative needs with your employee stock purchase plans (ESPP), employee stock option plans and more . This entirely online platform benefits both shareholders and issuers enabling you to manage your stock issuances, investor documents, and much more. Some benefits of the software are below.

Allows issuers to view and manage their cap table online
Through this software, issuers view, monitor and administer their employee plans
Includes separate access portals for employees and issuers, improving security and facilitating organization

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We are here to help with your offering, investor recordkeeping, and raising capital needs.

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