Why EquityTrack

Cap table management is crucial to maintaining regulatory compliance and can be time consuming and frustrating without professional assistance. Our experienced team uses efficient software to keep your cap table organized and up to date. We also offer transfer agent services to satisfy all your public company needs.

Industry-leading Service

Our cap table and transfer agent services are industry competitive. We have experienced staff that has the knowledge to provide you with satisfying, optimal service. Our staff offers capital raising, cap table management and partnership services.

Equity Track Stress-free Solution

Capital Raising

Cloudraise® Platform

Deal Portal Software

Regulation A+, CF, and D Offerings

DTC Eligibility

15c2-11 Applications

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Cap Table Management

Private Companies

Public Companies

Crowdfunding Companies

Stock Award Tracking

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Full-Service Combined with Cap Table Tracking


Funding Portals

Referral Program



Funding Partners: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Investment Banking

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We are here to help with your offering, investor recordkeeping, and raising capital needs.

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