Raising Capital

EquityTrack is an investor recordkeeping and cap table management provider that can help you conduct crowdfunding offerings through our Cloudraise® software utilizing SEC registration exemptions Reg A+ and Reg D 506B and 506C offerings. These diverse offerings allow companies of all sizes to raise capital via crowdfunding.

Cloudraise® Software

EquityTrack provides capital raising software for issuers that helps them raise money from crowdfunding investors on their website.  Our software allows investors to verify their accreditation, subscribe to offerings, submit payment and purchase shares, and subsequently receive book-entry or paper stock certificates from the company through our cap table and SEC-registered transfer agent services.

Regulation A+

Reg A+ or “mini-IPO” offerings allow issuers to raise up to $20 million and $50 million per 12 month period under Tier 1 and Tier 2 respectively and IPO onto NYSE, Nasdaq, or OTC Markets. Throughout this offering process, EquityTrack ensures your regulatory compliance. We help you file all disclosures required by the SEC, allowing you to complete a successful offering, as well as act as your SEC registered transfer agent through our affiliated transfer agent, Colonial Stock Transfer.

Regulation CF

Reg CF allows issuers to raise a maximum of $1 million per 12 month period. EquityTrack manages your cap table and investor records throughout the offering process and ensures your regulatory compliance by helping you file the required crowdfunding documents.

Regulation D

Issuers can raise an unlimited amount of capital during their offering under Regulation D. We help you fill out the Form D to comply with the SEC and submit required Blue Sky filings to the states. After your filings are completed, our SEC registered transfer agent can help you with investor recordkeeping and issuing of shares.  In addition, our Cloudraise® software allows you to raise money through Rule 506(b) and (c), which are specific exemptions under Reg D.

DTC Eligibility

DTC Eligibility permits issuers’ securities to be deposited into the Depository Trust Company and become public. This allows for faster clearing and settlement and trading at brokers nationwide. Our experienced team helps public companies obtain DTC eligibility, guiding them through the complex application process.

Going Public

To trade stock in the stock market, companies must submit a stock exchange application and follow a specific process to ensure their securities are free-trading and/or properly registered with the SEC.  We can help companies engage the proper vendors, submit SEC filings, conduct offerings, submit exchange applications, apply for DTC eligibility, and help with ongoing maintenance such as transfer agent service.

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We are here to help with your offering, investor recordkeeping, and raising capital needs.

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