Public Companies

EquityTrack provides transfer agent and cap table management services to public companies, helping you manage your investor records and stock transactions in the stock market. To make this possible, we provide SEC registered transfer agent services through Colonial Stock Transfer; you will be comfortable knowing an independent transfer agent, in business since 1987 and good standing with the SEC, is managing your stock.

SEC registered transfer agent

In addition to acting as your cap table management provider and equity plan manager, EquityTrack acts as your professional SEC-registered transfer agent through its parent company, Colonial Stock Transfer. Our staff holds the expertise and knowledge required for a successful offering.  In addition to cap table tracking features online, we can help you with the following full services.

  • Cap table tracking and robust reporting tools for issuers and investors with 24/7 online access
  • Full service stock issuances and stock transfers
  • Help you obtain DTC eligibility to facilitate stock trading including DWAC and DRS
  • Provide you affordable proxy voting services through notice and access that reduce your mailing expenses and electronically distribute proxy meeting materials to investors
  • Help you remain compliant and guide you through the process of an initial public offering (IPO)
  • Act as escrow or dividend paying agent for your company.
  • Introduce you to the right people including market makers, investment bankers, brokers from our vast securities industry network
  • Process and manage your corporate actions: mergers, spinoffs, tender offers, exchanges and more.

Choose EquityTrack for quality transfer agent services that facilitate your company’s success. We ultimately ease your transition to a public company in the face of strict securities regulations.

Full-Service Combined with Cap Table Tracking

Full-Service Combined with Cap Table Tracking

EquityTrack not only provides online cap table tacking and investor record management, but also full stock transfer agent services so that you don’t have to do all it yourself.  Our public company team is equipped to help you manage your records more efficiently.

Cap Table Updates in Real Time

Cap Table Updates in Real Time

Your cap table and reporting is updated in real time whether you enter data online or if our full service team enters and processes your transactions for you.  Our technology and robust statistical reporting is geared to help you make informed decisions about your equity.

Investor Friendly

Investor Friendly

 Investors can view and manage investor holdings and update their contact information, W-9 information and more. From this platform, they can further apply and participate in employee plans and more.

Making your job easier

EquityTrack prides itself on an advanced user-friendly software technology that facilitates all your public company cap table management needs. We uniquely provide effective and convenient services for both investors and issuers. As your cap table management provider and SEC registered transfer agent, we have securities industry expertise that facilitates your company’s operations while maintaining your regulatory compliance.

At EquityTrack, we provide transfer agent services all types of equities and additional employee plan services for other plans, assisting you with the stock distribution and compliance process. Below is a list of the different types of plans that EquityTrack supports.

  • Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)
  • Stock Options Plans (SOP)
  • Restricted Stock Awards (RSA)
  • Restricted Stock Units (RSU)

Our seasoned experts can help you conduct the optimal plan for your company, completing it efficiently using specialized cap table technology.

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We are here to help with your offering, investor recordkeeping, and raising capital needs.

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