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It can be frustrating and certainly time-consuming to manage your cap table without a professional provider or appropriate guidance. However, EquityTrack provides comprehensive cap table management services to private companies, easing your stress throughout this process. We manage all aspects of your cap table consistently during your company’s continued growth. As your experienced cap table management provider, we:

Optimally Organize Its Many Elements

Easy navigation through our user-friendly software

EquityTrack ensures that your cap table is easy to navigate for issuers and shareholders alike. Our detailed cap table formatting is fully comprehensible and all-inclusive, leaving out none of your financial information.

Efficient Investor Monitoring

Our cap table management services allow investors to efficiently track their investments and verify their accuracy. Further, through our stock option software, we provide investors with separate accounts to view their holdings and financial documents.

Issue a Wide Variety of Stocks and Options

Our cap table management software allows you to issue all types of securities. We issue equity such as bonds, debentures, derivatives, and more. Further, our team issues common and preferred securities, ensuring your cap table is thorough and complete.

Maintain Cap Table Compliance

Cap tables contain a vast amount of issuer and shareholder information including financial reports, stock issuances, option grants, vesting schedules, 409A company valuations, and more. At EquityTrack, we decrease your margin for error while ensuring your compliance with countless regulatory requirements. You can focus your energy elsewhere as we navigate you through the complex compliance process.

Real-Time Updates

Our team provides live updates to your cap table, ensuring that you are up to date on your filings in a dynamic regulatory environment. We further make necessary changes to your cap table structureand review the accuracy of your financial documents.

Act as Your Sole Cap Table Management Provider

EquityTrack independently manages every aspect of your cap table. Having one provider avoids an otherwise hectic process of managing multiple and leaves the issuer with much less responsibility to keep track of small tweaks or even large-scale changes to their cap table. As your sole provider, we handle all aspects of your cap table compliance.

Create Financial Reports and Enter Data Efficiently

EquityTrack will help you find the necessary information for your ISO-related documents from its efficient cap table software. We further guide you through the Rule 701 compliance process, and create your disclosures in a timely manner. Our cap table management software saves you hours of inserting data into spreadsheets by allowing you to enter financial information in bulk.

Form 3921 and ASC 718

Through our software, you can create and modify many filings, including your Form 3921 and ASC 718 documents. Form 3921 must be filed if your company has granted any incentivized stock options (ISOs) to its employees. ASC 718 mandates that issuers track the equity rewarded to issuers as a result of ISOs.

Rule 701 Disclosures

Companies may also create Rule 701 disclosures. Rule 701 of the Securities Act of 1933 is a securities exemption for issuers that conduct ISOs or other employee reward plans. It allows companies to award unregistered stock option grants to employees. To qualify for this offering, issuers must provide a document detailing the compensation plan as well as income statements and balance sheets if the offering is over $1 million.


EquityTrack’s all-encompassing cap table management services satisfy all your needs. We ease your stress by extensively reviewing your cap table structure and compliance. Our versatile software allows you to issue all types of stock. Further, we offer an easy-to-use issuer and shareholder-friendly interface. With our unique professional services, we are the optimal cap table management provider for your company.

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