DTC Eligibility

DTC eligibility allows public companies to deposit their securities directly to the DTC, which saves brokers and transfer agents valuable time processing the movement and deposit of shares. With DTC eligibility, issuers transfer shares quickly and efficiently. However, the DTC eligibility process must be initiated by a bank or broker dealer. Every public company does not have to become DTC eligible; however, it is a convenient feature that makes depositing shares much easier. Some large exchanges that deal with many securities, like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), require issuers to become DTC eligible before they can list their securities.

Fast Automated Securities Transfer (FAST) is a service provided by the DTC that allows issuers to conduct DWAC transactions from the transfer agent to the broker electronically and vice versa. Securities eligible for FAST must be registered under Cede and Co., a financial clearing house partnered with the DTC.
Deposit Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC) allows eligible issuers to use the DTC FAST system to electronically move their securities between brokers and transfer agents without direct intervention of DTC.
Direct Registration System (DRS) is another service that allows issuers to store their shares in book-entry, not physical, form. The issuer conducting DRS transactions must be also signed up for DTC FAST.

EquityTrack provides many benefits as we help you qualify for DTC FAST. Participating in the DTC FAST program requires the services of a transfer agent; our transfer agent, Colonial Stock Transfer, can act as your FAST agent, ensuring your securities transfer smoothly around the market.

  • Acting as your certified DTC FAST, DRS, or DWAC agent
  • Eliminating extraneous replacement and shipping fees by acquiring DTC FAST eligibility for your company
  • Convert your physical stock certificates to electronic shares, eliminating the need to print them
  • Allow you to transfer shares to your broker instantly or vice versa
  • Improve your chances to gain funding from investment bankers and institutional investors


EquityTrack can help you obtain DTC eligibility through a broker dealer or our transfer agent.  We can help you:

Utilize book-entry "paperless" shares

Submit your DTC eligibility applications
(1st) DTC eligibility, (2nd) FAST, (3rd) DRS

Follow the appropriate guidelines for issuer securities detailed in the DTC’s Operational Arrangements.

Contact DTC and broker dealer for you as necessary

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We are here to help with your offering, investor recordkeeping, and raising capital needs.

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