Funding Portal Partners

By | 08/07/2018 | 9:29 pm ET

Funding portals are website platforms that allow companies to raise capital through equity crowdfunding offerings via the JOBS act crowdfunding regulations passed in 2012. These crowdfunding platforms must register as funding portals with the SEC and FINRA; today, there are over 50 FINRA-approved crowdfunding portals.  EquityTrack through its parent, Colonial Stock Transfer, provides various services…

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Public Companies

By | 08/07/2018 | 9:19 pm ET

EquityTrack provides transfer agent and cap table management services to public companies, helping you manage your investor records and stock transactions in the stock market. To make this possible, we provide SEC registered transfer agent services through Colonial Stock Transfer; you will…

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Private Companies

By | 08/07/2018 | 9:16 pm ET

Managing your cap table without a professional software or compliance partner can be frustrating and certainly time-consuming. However, through our comprehensive cap table management services to private companies, you can rest assured. We allow you to manage all aspects of your cap table through our online platform, coupled with full…

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